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Top 5 Quality Electricians in Houston

When you’re looking to have any sort of electrical work done around your Houston home or business, you want to make sure to obtain the services of a skilled and experienced electrician. Choosing a professional electrician in Houston can be quite tricky, considering there are hundreds of companies and even thousands of tradesmen that you can choose from. To simplify your search, we have listed down trusted and reliable electricians serving the Houston area.

1. West Houston Electric, Inc.

West Houston Electric, Inc. is one of the leading names when it comes to superior electrical services and unmatched customer support. This family-owned and operated electrical company takes pride in its team of electricians under the guidance of Texas Master Electrician, Randy Deyo. The company is highly responsive to customer inquiries and guarantee a personalized experience to each customer. West Houston Electric, Inc. can solve anything and everything electrical-related, including repair and maintenance of appliances and electrical wiring.

West Houston Electric, Inc. exemplifies excellence in all aspects of their business – from fully vetted and licensed electricians in clean uniforms to top-notch tools and equipment that ensure fast and efficient delivery of their services. Their knowledgeable technicians are not only fast and efficient, but are warm and highly approachable, too. You can rest assured that your concerns will be resolved promptly without breaking the bank at West Houston Electric, Inc.

2. Mr. Electric of Houston

What started as a small service contractor in 1994 has now grown and expanded into a global brand. Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown is unbeatable when it comes to professionalism done with the utmost honesty and integrity. The company is staffed by licensed electricians extensively trained in various applications, ranging from installation, repair to maintenance. No matter the size and scope of your electrical needs, you can feel at ease knowing that the experts at Mr. Electric will get the job done right the first time.

They are well-known for their honest and transparent flat-rate pricing, so you don’t ever have to delay electrical issues that pose safety risk at your home or business. They are always available to perform an on-site visit to provide you with no-obligation quote. They have the tools, resources, and skilled workforce that can handle all types of electrical concerns, from wiring issues to installation of appliances and other electrical products in residential and commercial properties in Houston.

3. Right Touch Electrical

Right Touch Electrical was founded in 2013 with the sole mission of providing quality yet affordable professional electrical services to homes and businesses in the Greater Houston Area. Their electricians are licensed and undergo continuing training to ensure the delivery of efficient and reliable service, no matter the complexity of problems at hand. The company is well stocked with tools, equipment, and supplies from the best brands to fulfil the needs of customers. They specialize in a wide variety of activities, including general repair, upgrades, updates, new installations, and maintenance services.

4. On Time Electrical, Inc.

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Houston looking for dependable electricians to handle your electrical concerns, On Time Electrical, Inc. is the name you can trust. Whether you need expert assistance in the installation of lights, timely repair of damaged or broken appliances, or guidance in selecting the right type of wiring and lighting for your home or business, the electricians at On Time Electrical, Inc. will be more than happy to assist you through the process. Not all electrical needs at your home can be resolved with a DIY. If you want to ensure correct, safe, and efficient electrical services, it’s always best to rely on professionals.

5. Wired Electrical Services

Right Touch Electrical is widely known for its high excellence standards. They adhere to existing safety protocols to provide peace of mind to customers and ensure the safety of their electricians as well. As a locally owned and operated company, they are prompt in attending to customer concerns, work fast in resolving issues, and implement clean-up of workspace before leaving customer premises.

How Organic SEO Marketing Can Help Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The second decade of the 21st century has proved to be a challenging time for businesses across the globe, including those that are offering products and services to residents of the United States. Those offering specialized medical services such as plastic surgery saw decreased demand caused by the disruptions of the global pandemic – and the effects on discretionary spending caused by ever-increasing interest rates and cost of living.

Strangely enough, the plastic surgery market has rebounded now that the restrictions governing person-to-person contact have largely been lifted. According to The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery demand for facial plastic surgery is showing enormous growth.

The results of these market trends are that the plastic surgery sector has become ever more competitive. Practices have been forced to focus on marketing in order to grow their client base.

However, at the same time, plastic surgeons need to ensure that every cent spent on marketing delivers an exceptional return on investment.

Most plastic surgery specialists have been quick to realize that the Internet is one of the most powerful channels when it comes to attracting new clients. However, as most Internet consultants will be quick to point out, it’s simply not enough to have a website, content is king.

That means having a navigable site that offers prospective clients all the information that they require in order to make the decision to use the services of the practice, but it also means that plastic surgery SEO has become increasingly important.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of including keywords in copy and as an integral part of background information and descriptors that anchor images and video to the website. Great SEO practice is the key to elevating the practice when it comes to SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages. In short, professional content on a web page and better SEO practice mean appearing higher up on search engine results. The ideal spot is to appear on the first page of these Google results when a potential client searches for plastic surgery services.

But why is plastic surgery SEO so pivotal? Surely other marketing initiatives could do the same job? In short, the answer is a resounding no. Research by BrightEdge ( has indicated that 53% of business inquiries across the globe are the result of ‘Organic Search’ – that is using a search engine to find information on services and organizations. According to that same research, this percentage is growing rapidly.

There is also the cost factor. Traditional marketing can be expensive when one uses some of the established channels such as radio and television. The Internet offers a cost-effective channel that provides measurable results due to the availability of robust analytical tools. In short, campaigns and plastic surgery SEO content can be easily and rapidly fine-tuned to deliver exceptional reach and messaging effectiveness.

Plastic surgeons who are not leveraging the almost unlimited reach of the Internet are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Reach out to a professional Internet service provider today.

Johnny Chen Media Houston SEO
Plastic Surgery SEO
9908 Spring Shadows Park Cir, Houston, TX 77080
(832) 598-4855

8 Lovely Houston Coffee Shops

Are you looking for a cute and cozy coffee shop to hang out with your friends around Houston? With all the coffee shops and cafes in the area, it is a bit hard to decide which place to check out first. Of course, you’re not only looking for a beautiful place and a nice ambiance but the coffee and food should be great as well. To help you out, here are some of the lovely coffee shops in Houston that are worth visiting


  1. Grinder’s Coffee Bar

The Grinder’s Coffee Bar is a cute coffee shop in Kirby Drive, Houston. The place is a bit small but is definitely worth visiting. It has a white interior that makes the place look clean and homey. They only use locally sourced coffee and the taste is just wonderful. They serve different kinds of drinks, toast, and breakfast sandwiches that are available throughout the day. Grinder’s Coffee Bar also serves art lattes.


  1. Cafeza

Get a feel of Buenos Aires and Barcelona with Cafeza. It is a vibrant cafe on Houston Avenue that is famous for its homemade churros. The simplicity of the place gives a warming and comfortable feeling. It is one of the best places to unwind and relax after a stressful day. You get to enjoy live music every day where you can entertain yourself while sipping your artisan coffee.


  1. Luce Coffee Roasters

Great coffee and sleek interior, what else could you ask for? Luce Coffee Roasters is a two-floor coffee shop at 34th St. Suite 100 Houston. The place has nice lighting with see-through glass between the floors. It’s a wonderful place to meet with friends as the area is big enough and has a lot of seating capacity. The coffee and the pastries are to die for.


  1. Retrospect Coffee Bar

Go back in time with Retrospect Coffee Bar at La Branch St. Houston. The place used to be one of the first gas stations in Houston, way back in the 1920s. Though renovated, it still gives a nostalgic appeal with a bright orange Slayer espresso machine as the coffee shop’s centerpiece. Of course, the place is not all about the ambiance and feels, but they serve great coffee and crepes, too.


  1. Anonymous Café

If you are in search of an elegant and comfortable coffee shop, the Anonymous Cafe is the place to be. It has great music playing in the background that isn’t too loud. The cafe offers a wide selection of drinks and food that are all delicious. No wonder, people keep coming back to this place. One of their specialties is Greek food, so if you are into Greek cuisine you should definitely try this place out.


  1. The Yellow Cup

This modern coffee shop has a lot of flavors to choose from. You can also customize your drink depending on your taste. The Yellow Cup is famous for its wide range of flavors and different types of milk. Although a bit pricey compared to other coffee shops, the taste and experience will all be worth every cent. Their baristas are attentive and very friendly.


  1. Campesino Coffee House

The Campesino Coffee House has a bohemian vibe that has a Latino-centric menu along with their traditional coffee. Located at Waugh Drive, the place have beautiful murals on its outdoor patio. On the inside, you can sit comfortably and relax at their couches. It’s a great place for brunch or a snack. They serve their coffee and food on colorful mugs and plates that would look great on your Instagram feed.


  1. Tenfold Coffee

The interior of Tenfold Coffee shop is spacious with a high ceiling which makes the place look very modern. There are also a lot of plants inside that would somehow give you a tropical vibe. Its coffee, pastries, and other food options are all tasty. Tenfold Coffee offers oat milk and macadamia milk as a milk alternative.

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